Episode 43


Show Notes:



Just because

A link to a cyber bullying website.


Episode 18

Show Notes:


Two Skulls

Owl Ornaments



The Beekeeper’s Quilt


Sept./Oct. KAL:



Yarnmugger Stitch Markers

Candyskein Yarn

Lanitium ex machina 

Episode 10



Show Notes:


One Row Lace Scarf


Branching Out – The one I complain about and can’t remember the name of…


The Beekeeper’s Quilt

Purple Stitch Surfer

Blue/Black Stitch Surfer


The Knotty Knitter Knitting Project Bags

Candy Skein Yarns in Sweet Clover Candy

Well, humphf…..

So, I was all ready to record another episode when I realized the battery on the camera was completely drained.  I don’t know why, I am more than a little worried that there is something wrong with the battery.


I have lots to talk about, mostly all of it knitting related.  No severely personal stuff this time.  😉  I am working up the nerve to record a tutorial soon.  I’ve outlined the speech and how I want it to go, but I just need to set up.

I also wanted to talk about my new toy, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab2.  I totally love it.  The Nook is finally gone.  I think I’m going to factory restore it and craigslist it.  No need to keep it.  I don’t think I even want it as a back up.  It would be to hard to go back to after the joy that is the Galaxy Tab.

I started the heel on Sonny’s black socks finally.  I was planning on doing some knitting today, but so far, no go.

Well, once the battery has charged, I’ll record.  It should be a much shorter video.

Episode 2. Where I didn’t bother to edit my flubs….

I am sorry there are no show notes up.  I will post them later tonight.

Show Notes:


Contest Socks made with yarn won from Knitabulls.

Cloven Socks — forgot them at home will show them next vlog.

Snuggle for the Snuggle project.



Sonny’s Skully

Baby Blue Devil’s


Small box project bag from HeidiMonkey on Etsy.com


Sari Silk yarn stash giveaway on ravelry.com

Ep. 2 Coming Soon

I managed to get episode 2 recorded today.  It ran longer than I planned, so It is going to take a while to upload.


Thank you for your patience guys, I’m really sorry this is taking so long.

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