Let the Yarn Diet Commence

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!


Yeah, so I realized while I was trying to organize my yarn stash that it had gotten ridiculous.  I have more yarn than I could knit in the next 5 years.  WTF is wrong with me!?!?!  I do not need to have all this yarn.  So, I am not going to let myself buy any more yarn unless I need it for a project that needs more than what I already have.  That means that, say I am knitting a shawl that calls for 3 different hanks of yarn and I already have two, but I don’t have a third that quite matches; only then will I let myself purchase more yarn.


Now, I know there are a lot of knitters out there who say that going on a yarn diet is silly.  Several have stated that why torment yourself knitting with yarn that you regret buying.  Well, I don’t regret buying any of my yarn.  I love all my yarn.  I just have more of it than I have room to store.  If Sonny and I move out of our current housing situation, where am I going to put my yarn?  Right now it is all at the studio that is inside my mother’s house.  Well, yeah that is fine and great, but what if we move out of town?  What then?  I can continue to podcast from wherever I am, but my yarn stash is to obscene to pack up and take with us.  Not that I think we are moving any time soon, but what if we did?  What would I do with all my yarn?  It would upset me greatly to get rid of it.  So, my only option is to try to use it before I buy more.


After I get my blankets done, I plan to get back to knitting all the Behm patterns that are shawls and shawlettes.  I love Martina Behm’s patterns.  Most of her patterns use yarns that I already have, so I think I am on to something for stash busting here.  Not to mention, Martina Behm is the best knitting designer ever!  Did I already say that I loved her???  Ha!


I have been seaming together my Beekeeper’s Quilt the last couple days.  So far, so good.  The pattern is really forgiving of knitting mistakes and changes in gauge.  Thank goodness.  Also, not all fingering weight yarn is the same, so it is really forgiving of that too.


No other knitting to report.




Episode 37


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The Beekeeper’s Quilt – Hexiflats





Frog Pond:





To busy to knit

I’ve been to busy to knit the last couple days, but my hands are screaming to have yarn in them.  I tried to pick up Sleeves today, and made it to the computer with it, but haven’t opened the project bag yet.  Maybe later.  I have been working on organizing my studio some.  Purchased two new shelves that seem to be working out a lot better.  I’ll have to take a photo to share later.

I am also trying to reorganized all my scrap yarns for The Beekeeper’s Quilt.  Talk about a disaster.  I did not realize I had so much scrap yarn.  I’m trying to not add the yarn Filipa sent me recently.  I want to start this year’s hexiflats with her yarn.  I was/am so excited that she sent pretty yarns to me.  Thank you Filipa!!!!

I wanted to have significant progress on at least one project before I film the next podcast.  Maybe this weekend will be an epic knitting weekend.  On that note, I am going to stop typing and knit….

Episode 23 Not Episode 22

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Nope, nothin.  Well, I do have my project bags that are all up in the etsy shop.


Berlin Shawl

Atomic Socks

Hexiflats – but not really…


Mistral Rassilon Tahkli Support Spindle by Hipstrings

Spinning Dish – Time Traveler by Hipstrings

Stitch Markers by Yarnmugger

The Snotty Knitter

Today is a sad day in the podcasting world.  At least it is for me.  I am a huge, huge fan of a podcast called Knitabulls.  Knitabulls is put on by a wonderful woman named Diane.  She is super nice and a very caring and loving human being.  That being said, she has just announced that she will no longer be producing a podcast.

I just do not know what to say other than that her podcast will be greatly missed by me.  I have watched every single episode.  I have been late to watching a few of them, but yeah…  Just do not know what else to say.  To sad to say more.

On another note, I found a Lamy fountain pen that I thought had been lost in a fire over a year ago.  it was tucked away in a pencil case in my storage unit.  How it found it’s way there, I do not know.  I could NOT be happier.  This Lamy is the Vista and it was a gift from one of my bestest friends in the whole world.  I sat and cried for several minutes holding it.  I value my few friends and I place way to much sentiment in the things they give me.

On a second ‘another note’, Penguin Soup let us know that she is sorry she is behind on orders.  She’s had some personal issues that set her back a bit.  No worries.  Glad to know what is going on.  However, this throws a huge monkey wrench in my podcasting plans.  I had intended to have one more podcast before Halloween (my favorite holiday).  I was counting on having my yarn club purchase here in time for my Halloween podcast.  I do not think this is going to happen, but I will keep a couple fingers crossed.  Either way, I plan to do a podcast next week for Halloween.

Knitting?  Yes, i have been knitting.

I am extra snotty on this one…..  I broke one of my favorite needles Monday morning backing up to head to the studio.  This needle was being used for my Daybreak shawl.  I happened to have another interchangeable needle that is the same size and brand, just not the type.  It was a Knit Picks Zephyr and they are no longer selling those.  So freaking bummed.  They were quiet and super smooth.  I do not like knitting with wood because it is to grabby and my yarn does not slide fast enough for me.  I usually knit only with metal, but I do have 2 sets of carbon fiber needles and I had a full set of the Zephyr interchangeables.  Now I do not.  boohoo!!!!!!  I plan to replace this set with addi rockets.  I like the addi sock rockets, so I thought I’d start replacing all my wood/bamboo needles with them as I need them.

I have not been working on The Beekeeper’s quilt lately, but I did look at it yesterday.  As soon as I get my Daybreak done, I will get back to it.

While waiting at Lithia Toyota yesterday, I worked on my Atomic socks.  I have started the cuff now, and hope to get them done soon.  It is almost sock weather here for us.  We’ve had some rain, but it is still warm.  Well, I see a lot of people wearing their Winter clothes, but I am still in short sleeves and flip flops.  LOL!

Episode 20, I’m on a roll

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F.O.’s and W.I.P.’s:

Hexiflats for The Beekeeper’s Quilt


Candyskein yarn

OMG! I may have to stop knitting for a day and a half….

It is available as a pre-order item.  I have already ordered it and cannot wait to start reading.  I ordered the Nook version from Barnes and Noble.  I am hoping this means that the digital copy will be on my tablet waiting when I wake up that morning.  I am not such a fan that I am going to stay up all night waiting.  Hahaha!  So, I expect my knitting to stop for about a day and a half.  I’m pretty sure I won’t stop reading until it is done.

This is huge news for us Lestat fans.  Vampires are supposed to be bad.  They do NOT sparkle!

As the post title states, I may not be knitting for a little while.  Won’t take me long to blaze through this book.  I won’t be able to help myself.

Currently I am just working on hexiflats and my Berlin Daybreak shawl.  I have been focused on hexiflats lately.  Not sure why.  I would like to start sewing them together to make a blanket, but I need at least double of what I have before I start sewing them all together.  I want to be able to have all the hexiflats together by color.  Kinda like a color gradient chart.

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