Episode 43


Show Notes:




Episode 9?!?!?! Already?!?!

OOPS!!!  I didn’t quality check the render before uploading.  Will try again.  Give me about 2 hours.


Show Notes:

F.O.: Earth Pinwheel Blanket

W.I.P.: Love Scarf, Sounders Scarf, and the ever present Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Enabling:  Heart shaped ‘Hand Made With Love’ tags purchased at Sparkling Sisters.  They have other stuff too.

Very short vlog this week.  This makes me happy!

Episode 2. Where I didn’t bother to edit my flubs….

I am sorry there are no show notes up.  I will post them later tonight.

Show Notes:


Contest Socks made with yarn won from Knitabulls.

Cloven Socks — forgot them at home will show them next vlog.

Snuggle for the Snuggle project.



Sonny’s Skully

Baby Blue Devil’s


Small box project bag from HeidiMonkey on Etsy.com


Sari Silk yarn stash giveaway on ravelry.com

Ep. 2 Coming Soon

I managed to get episode 2 recorded today.  It ran longer than I planned, so It is going to take a while to upload.


Thank you for your patience guys, I’m really sorry this is taking so long.