Episode 43


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The Knotty knitter shop on Etsy

I have just finished a pretty big update on the etsy shop.  There are 7 new bags up.

I will be doing a podcast tomorrow.  I haven’t gotten the ‘Halloween’ package yet, but I will have stuff to talk about.  I’ll show you the newest bags in my etsy shop and talk about knitting and possibly a little spinning.  😉

Episode 19 Already?!?!?!

Show Notes:


Hexiflat for the Beekeeper’s Quilt


Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West


Yarnmugger Stitch markers


Patch Knit A Long!!!!

Episode 8

I’ll post the notes tomorrow.  Thanks!!!!


Show Notes:


  1. Pinwheel Blanket by Genia Planck
  2. One Row Lace Scarf by Tirvid
  3. Fleegle’s Toe Up Socks by Susan Glinert Stevens



  1. Candy Skein Pumpkin fingering weight yarn.  LOVE!
  2. Penguin Soup And Now My Watch Begins fingering weight yarn.  LOVE!
  3. Supernatural Yarns Everdeen fingering weight yarn. LOVE!  Yes, I fess, I love The Hunger Games.
  4. The Knoty Knitter My own shop with knitting bags and stitch markers


Thank you all for watching!!!


What the Heck?!?!?!?!?!

What happened?  One minute I was saying I’d get a vlog up, the next it has been a couple weeks????????  WTF???????

I am so sorry.  Monday I will try my best to record and post a vlog.  If I don’t get it done Monday, then I will Tuesday.  I don’t always have to come into town on Mondays, so I may or may not be at the studio Monday.

I have lots to tell.  One of them is about my etsy.com shop.  It is The Knotty Knitter.  You may notice that it is spelled with only one ‘t’ in the knoty part.  That is because some ladies in Canada beat me to the name.  Though theirs is TheKnottyKnitters, not TheKnottyKnitter.  Sigh.