Let the Yarn Diet Commence

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!

Yarn Diet!


Yeah, so I realized while I was trying to organize my yarn stash that it had gotten ridiculous.  I have more yarn than I could knit in the next 5 years.  WTF is wrong with me!?!?!  I do not need to have all this yarn.  So, I am not going to let myself buy any more yarn unless I need it for a project that needs more than what I already have.  That means that, say I am knitting a shawl that calls for 3 different hanks of yarn and I already have two, but I don’t have a third that quite matches; only then will I let myself purchase more yarn.


Now, I know there are a lot of knitters out there who say that going on a yarn diet is silly.  Several have stated that why torment yourself knitting with yarn that you regret buying.  Well, I don’t regret buying any of my yarn.  I love all my yarn.  I just have more of it than I have room to store.  If Sonny and I move out of our current housing situation, where am I going to put my yarn?  Right now it is all at the studio that is inside my mother’s house.  Well, yeah that is fine and great, but what if we move out of town?  What then?  I can continue to podcast from wherever I am, but my yarn stash is to obscene to pack up and take with us.  Not that I think we are moving any time soon, but what if we did?  What would I do with all my yarn?  It would upset me greatly to get rid of it.  So, my only option is to try to use it before I buy more.


After I get my blankets done, I plan to get back to knitting all the Behm patterns that are shawls and shawlettes.  I love Martina Behm’s patterns.  Most of her patterns use yarns that I already have, so I think I am on to something for stash busting here.  Not to mention, Martina Behm is the best knitting designer ever!  Did I already say that I loved her???  Ha!


I have been seaming together my Beekeeper’s Quilt the last couple days.  So far, so good.  The pattern is really forgiving of knitting mistakes and changes in gauge.  Thank goodness.  Also, not all fingering weight yarn is the same, so it is really forgiving of that too.


No other knitting to report.




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