To busy to knit

I’ve been to busy to knit the last couple days, but my hands are screaming to have yarn in them.  I tried to pick up Sleeves today, and made it to the computer with it, but haven’t opened the project bag yet.  Maybe later.  I have been working on organizing my studio some.  Purchased two new shelves that seem to be working out a lot better.  I’ll have to take a photo to share later.

I am also trying to reorganized all my scrap yarns for The Beekeeper’s Quilt.  Talk about a disaster.  I did not realize I had so much scrap yarn.  I’m trying to not add the yarn Filipa sent me recently.  I want to start this year’s hexiflats with her yarn.  I was/am so excited that she sent pretty yarns to me.  Thank you Filipa!!!!

I wanted to have significant progress on at least one project before I film the next podcast.  Maybe this weekend will be an epic knitting weekend.  On that note, I am going to stop typing and knit….


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