The Snotty Knitter

Today is a sad day in the podcasting world.  At least it is for me.  I am a huge, huge fan of a podcast called Knitabulls.  Knitabulls is put on by a wonderful woman named Diane.  She is super nice and a very caring and loving human being.  That being said, she has just announced that she will no longer be producing a podcast.

I just do not know what to say other than that her podcast will be greatly missed by me.  I have watched every single episode.  I have been late to watching a few of them, but yeah…  Just do not know what else to say.  To sad to say more.

On another note, I found a Lamy fountain pen that I thought had been lost in a fire over a year ago.  it was tucked away in a pencil case in my storage unit.  How it found it’s way there, I do not know.  I could NOT be happier.  This Lamy is the Vista and it was a gift from one of my bestest friends in the whole world.  I sat and cried for several minutes holding it.  I value my few friends and I place way to much sentiment in the things they give me.

On a second ‘another note’, Penguin Soup let us know that she is sorry she is behind on orders.  She’s had some personal issues that set her back a bit.  No worries.  Glad to know what is going on.  However, this throws a huge monkey wrench in my podcasting plans.  I had intended to have one more podcast before Halloween (my favorite holiday).  I was counting on having my yarn club purchase here in time for my Halloween podcast.  I do not think this is going to happen, but I will keep a couple fingers crossed.  Either way, I plan to do a podcast next week for Halloween.

Knitting?  Yes, i have been knitting.

I am extra snotty on this one…..  I broke one of my favorite needles Monday morning backing up to head to the studio.  This needle was being used for my Daybreak shawl.  I happened to have another interchangeable needle that is the same size and brand, just not the type.  It was a Knit Picks Zephyr and they are no longer selling those.  So freaking bummed.  They were quiet and super smooth.  I do not like knitting with wood because it is to grabby and my yarn does not slide fast enough for me.  I usually knit only with metal, but I do have 2 sets of carbon fiber needles and I had a full set of the Zephyr interchangeables.  Now I do not.  boohoo!!!!!!  I plan to replace this set with addi rockets.  I like the addi sock rockets, so I thought I’d start replacing all my wood/bamboo needles with them as I need them.

I have not been working on The Beekeeper’s quilt lately, but I did look at it yesterday.  As soon as I get my Daybreak done, I will get back to it.

While waiting at Lithia Toyota yesterday, I worked on my Atomic socks.  I have started the cuff now, and hope to get them done soon.  It is almost sock weather here for us.  We’ve had some rain, but it is still warm.  Well, I see a lot of people wearing their Winter clothes, but I am still in short sleeves and flip flops.  LOL!


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