No new Vlog, yet

Wow!  What a week.  It is only Wednesday and it feels like it has been a month, not 3 days….


On Monday afternoon, I was to stressed to even knit.  I was however able to write out a sock pattern I have been working on.  I have it written out to just after the heel.  I have had to stop knitting on my test sock, so that I could get a pair of birthday socks done for one of my room-mates, Ande.  I am using Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania Color in Bright Flowers.  I kid you not, these socks are neon!!!!


Once I get these socks done, I can then go back to my sock pattern writing and get it done.  I may advertize on Ravelry for a sock tester before publishing the sock pattern.  All proceeds from the pattern sales will be donated to M.S. research.  I have not looked into how to donate yet, but I will make sure I have that taken care of before publishing the pattern.  I want to also include a link to where I will be donating the funds with the pattern so that maybe those that buy the pattern can choose to donate more if they want.   So far, THIS is all I’ve found, but I want to make sure that, that is the best option for us.


I also would like to get back to my Six at a Time socks.  I miss the challenge.  Though, with the stress I have undergone this week, maybe it is a good idea for me to hold off on them for a while.


I also would like to get back to knitting hexiflats for my Beekeeper’s Quilt.  I think I am going to start focussing on it more than anything else once I get Ande’s socks and the pattern done.  Did I mention that the pattern I am writing is called Sonny’s Road?  No, yes?


Well, I think this is all I have to say this week.  I think I will be able to record another episode next week, but I may wait until the first week of May.


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