Well Oops

It has been a while since I’ve blogged or vlogged…  Dang it!  I’ve been so busy with sewing and knitting that I let this slide.  I am sorry guys, really I am.


I have some stuff to share, so I will try to do a vlog tomorrow.  And hey!  I should be back in my studio to record instead of my mother’s living room.  Yay!  I’m slowly getting things more organized.  I want there to be a clear definition of what is the sewing area of the studio and what is the knitting area.

Oh!  And I’ll have enabling.  Candy Skein yarn and some other stuff!!!!

Works in progress are Stitch Surfers from Knitty.com deep Fall 2012.

Finished Object is the Ribband.

Yeah, it will be a short vlog.


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