I’m on iTunes!!!!!

Yep!  I’m on itunes!!!!  You can find it here: The Knotty Knitter.

I will continue to post to youtube, and here.  iTunes is only in addition to what I already have going.


Yay!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!!  Yipee!!!!


iTunes and podcasting

For a while now I’ve been thinking that if I’m going to get a more regular knitting vlog going, I should get it on iTunes.  The problem with that… I post my videos on youtube.com.  My favorite podcaster uses blip.  I went to blip and they are not taking any new producers at all.  Plus, I’ve heard from other vloggers that they weren’t taking any more knitting vloggers anyway.  I see another podcaster I really adore uses hipcast.com.  Well, I found that hipcast charges a fee.  If I had greater sales I’d be willing to spend money for my vlog, but not right now.

Currently I am looking at podcast garden.  I created an account, but now I am waiting for my last vlog to be re-rendered.  I normally render my videos to a ‘.mov’ format.  Podcast garden requires a ‘mp4’ format.  I am okay with this, especially if it means that I will be on iTunes!!!!

Episode 10



Show Notes:


One Row Lace Scarf


Branching Out – The one I complain about and can’t remember the name of…


The Beekeeper’s Quilt

Purple Stitch Surfer

Blue/Black Stitch Surfer


The Knotty Knitter Knitting Project Bags

Candy Skein Yarns in Sweet Clover Candy

Episode is Rendering!

Episode 10 is rendering!!!!!  I had a lot to say, it is a bit on the long side!

Vlog is coming! Vlog is coming!

I managed to record a lengthy vlog this morning.  I will get it edited today, but I may not get it uploaded very fast.  The last vlog took over 20 hours to upload and it was the shortest one I’ve done.  Our internet is being throttled every time I try to do anything bigger than 3 photos….

Well Oops

It has been a while since I’ve blogged or vlogged…  Dang it!  I’ve been so busy with sewing and knitting that I let this slide.  I am sorry guys, really I am.


I have some stuff to share, so I will try to do a vlog tomorrow.  And hey!  I should be back in my studio to record instead of my mother’s living room.  Yay!  I’m slowly getting things more organized.  I want there to be a clear definition of what is the sewing area of the studio and what is the knitting area.

Oh!  And I’ll have enabling.  Candy Skein yarn and some other stuff!!!!

Works in progress are Stitch Surfers from Knitty.com deep Fall 2012.

Finished Object is the Ribband.

Yeah, it will be a short vlog.