Second try at Episode 9


Show notes same as before.



Shasta Lake is lowest in recorded history.

Girl in blue is my besty and roommate Ande.

Boston Terrier Puppy belongs to Chris, another roommate.

Poured out sunflower seed brittle and it came out heart shaped.  Fitting.

Finished Earth Pinwheel Blanket

One Row Lace Scarf I call Love Scarf.


Episode 9?!?!?! Already?!?!

OOPS!!!  I didn’t quality check the render before uploading.  Will try again.  Give me about 2 hours.


Show Notes:

F.O.: Earth Pinwheel Blanket

W.I.P.: Love Scarf, Sounders Scarf, and the ever present Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Enabling:  Heart shaped ‘Hand Made With Love’ tags purchased at Sparkling Sisters.  They have other stuff too.

Very short vlog this week.  This makes me happy!