Trying to get things done

I am currently working on 4 projects.  If I can get just one of them done, I will record a new vlog.

Currently I’m working on:

One Row Lace Scarf

Sounders Scarf

Pinwheel Blanket

The Beekeepers Quilt

With any luck I will finish the Pinwheel Blanket today, and the One Row Lace Scarf should be done this weekend.  Anyway I need to finish it this weekend.


Episode 8

I’ll post the notes tomorrow.  Thanks!!!!


Show Notes:


  1. Pinwheel Blanket by Genia Planck
  2. One Row Lace Scarf by Tirvid
  3. Fleegle’s Toe Up Socks by Susan Glinert Stevens



  1. Candy Skein Pumpkin fingering weight yarn.  LOVE!
  2. Penguin Soup And Now My Watch Begins fingering weight yarn.  LOVE!
  3. Supernatural Yarns Everdeen fingering weight yarn. LOVE!  Yes, I fess, I love The Hunger Games.
  4. The Knoty Knitter My own shop with knitting bags and stitch markers


Thank you all for watching!!!


Episode 8!!!!! Really!?!?!?!

Yes!  I finally not only recorded episode 8, but it is edited as much as I am going to edit it, and I am waiting for it to render now before uploading it to youtube!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

New Vlog


Love Scarf

The beginnings of a new scarf.  This one is for me and is called Love.

Crappy Yarn… Really?

I have always been under the empression that Cascade Yarns was good yarn.  I’d only purchased two hanks of it.  The first hank was beautiful and perfect in every way.  The second hank on the other hand was this:

I have never had this happen before.  I’ve had the dye bleed before, but never this extreme shedding.  I Don’t know whether I can even use this yarn now or not.  Damn it!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions other than throwing it away?  Is there some way to fix this?

A New Year Already????

After having a discussion with Mom, I have more to do today than I thought. I want to get so much done, but I’m not quite awake yet. I’ve never been a true morning person. I start slow and build up to it. I know I’ve been seen jumping out of bed and getting in the shower right away, but that is just my body doing what it is supposed to do, my mind takes some time to catch up. I have gotten some things done already today, I made eggs for breakfast, gonna cut milk out for a couple days and see how I feel. I did have toast with butter, so I didn’t take all the dairy out, should have just put olive oil on it. To late now.

Now, now I am trying to figure out a plan of attack on the studio. A lot of storage items ended up in there and now I have to figure out how to organize it well enough to still function without going out and buying anything for storage. Honestly, I could use some sort of massive shelving system that would be dust free and still be able to see everything. This has been my problem from the beginning. I need to be able to see my yarn and fabric to inspire me to use it. If I cannot see it, it tends to just be ‘not there’ in my mind and I end up buying more instead of using what I have.

Also, due to some issues around Christmas time, I didn’t get anything done, so there wasn’t a shop update before Christmas. Now, I have no space to work, so until I figure out how to get more organized, sewing and bead work is out of the question. At least with knitting, I can root around til I find the yarn and tools I want and then sit in another room and/or take it with me.

Currently, most of my yarn is in big plastic bins that are clear enough I can see some of the yarn. This would be okay, but when you have 9 of these bins all stacked up in 3 rows and the one hank of yarn you want is in the bottom center bin…. yeah, sucks.

I also have way to many books that I just don’t seem to want to give up yet. I’ve already given up a ton of fiction and general reading, but knitting books… nope, not gonna happen. *sigh.

The other side of this coin…  I have no space to record a vlog…  There hasn’t been room/space for it since the end of November.  I so want to change that this week.  I have so many plans and hopes for my vlog.