Episode 7


Uhm… Show notes, yeah riiiiiiiight….


I’ll edit those in later.


Well, humphf…..

So, I was all ready to record another episode when I realized the battery on the camera was completely drained.  I don’t know why, I am more than a little worried that there is something wrong with the battery.


I have lots to talk about, mostly all of it knitting related.  No severely personal stuff this time.  😉  I am working up the nerve to record a tutorial soon.  I’ve outlined the speech and how I want it to go, but I just need to set up.

I also wanted to talk about my new toy, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab2.  I totally love it.  The Nook is finally gone.  I think I’m going to factory restore it and craigslist it.  No need to keep it.  I don’t think I even want it as a back up.  It would be to hard to go back to after the joy that is the Galaxy Tab.

I started the heel on Sonny’s black socks finally.  I was planning on doing some knitting today, but so far, no go.

Well, once the battery has charged, I’ll record.  It should be a much shorter video.

Episode 6

Finally, another Episode!!!!

Show Notes:


Miss Winkle by Martina Behm.  Her site is: Strickmich!  It is in German, but I think most web browsers will translate it for you now.


The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.


Dr. Who stitch markers and True Blood stitch markers by Winemaker’s Sister.

Birdleg Bags – Red doggies by Birdleg Bags.

Monday came and went

Well, dang it!!!  Monday came and went, and I did not get the vlog uploaded.  It is however being rendered right now.  I should have it up in the next couple hours.  I’m so sorry.