Origins of “The Knotty Knitter”

As I prep for the next vlog I wanted to give some history about myself and the title, “The Knotty Knitter.”

Many years ago, I met someone online via meet-up.  She and I started a knitting group called, “Knit 2gether.”  After a couple years, our membership started to grow and one of the newer members Angel, came up with the name, The Knotty Knitters.  The other original member and I at first balked at this name change and felt it was, “presumptuous.”  It wasn’t long though that I started to like the name and so did the rest of us.  It fit.  We were all a bit naughty especially me and my mouth.  Hahaha!

Since then Angel and her husband Dan became busy with life and had left the group.  New membership came and went.  Some of them, I began to wonder why.  Now that I am The Knotty Knitter and the old group is off doing their own thing, I know why and I feel a huge, huge, huge amount of guilt.  We ran them off with our closed minded clickiness.  If they didn’t like what we had to say, we actually made an effort to make them uncomfortable.  At the time, I didn’t think anything of it until it began to happen to me.

I since quit going and haven’t attempted to find another group.  I find that I am just so busy all the time that I don’t want to commit myself to something like that.  I have over stepped myself with a vlog as it is.  Hahaha!  But, I hope in the future when things settle down, maybe I can get a new group going.


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