Just a pic


Just thought I’d share a photo of my sock yarn and fiber stash while you wait for the next vlog.  Hehehe!


Filming Tomorrow

Whew!  I am going to film my second episode tomorrow and do I ever have a LOT to talk about.  Charging the batteries on my DSLR in prep.

I am already a little nervous.  Can’t wait!!!


Hello All!!!  Just thought I’d post a small update in the world of The Knotty Knitter.

I’ve started outlining what I want to talk about for the next vlog.  Kinda excited to try again.  Gonna use a different program to edit.  This means the video should look and sound better.  Plus I’ve written a note for myself stating that I need to remember to turn off the fish tank.  Hahaha!

Anyway, hope everyone has been having a good month so far.  I have!  I’ve knit 2 pair of socks and am about to start a lace shawl.

New social media for fiber crafters

Join us over at https://beta.nimblestix.com/.  I new social media for fiber crafters.  It is much like ravelry, but yet very different.  Think Ravelry meets a cleaned up and nice facebook mixed with a little twitter.  I am enjoying myself over there, and am meeting all kinds of new friends.

Episode 01

The Knotty Knitter Ep. 01

Show Notes

1.  Yes, I ramble on about nothing.

2.   Stash #10 winnings from Knitabulls.  Diane, I am so sorry I tried to call you Diana.  My best friend as a kid was named Diana, so I think I try to call anyone named Diane, Diana.  Please forgive me.  I will get it right from now on.

3.  Oh God!  I have dimples!  I didn’t know I had dimples…..

4.  Recent F.O.’s and an oldie but goody.

5.  W.I.P.’s  — The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits and Daybreak by Stephen West.

6.  Future drawing for yarn and stitch markers.

7.  Inspirations — Angel at Dark Angel  E Knits  and Sonny.  Both have inspired me to do more than I thought I could do.  Thank you.


I can also be found at The Knotty Knitter on Ravelry.com.