I finished it!!!!!


I finally finished my Clapotis!!!  This thing is huge!  I love it though.  I can see myself using it all the time.  It is supposed to be a large scarf shawl, but I made mine a little wider and longer than the pattern called for.  As you can see it covers most of a large hammock.  I am also at the dog rescue working for the week.  It is a strange feeling to be relaxing out here on this hammock and have a deer walk up and sniff you.


This could take a while….

This clapotis is taking forever to knit, but I love the way it is looking so far.  I am dropping the dropped sections as I go instead of letting them just hang out.  Don’t know why.  Just gives me hope that I am going to finish this puppy.  Yep, still dog sitting.

Ready for a break.