Sally’s Scarf

So, this is happening.  I am Branching Out into the realm of lace work.  Hahaha!  The pattern is a free pattern on called Branching Out.  The jury is still out as to whether I like this pattern or not.  It may be the yarn giving me troubles, I don’t know.

This scarf will be a gift for Sally, Joshua’s mom.  I knit him a scarf a while back and thought it would be great to knit her one too.  She has allergies to wool, so I went with a bamboo.  This will be my first time knitting with bamboo.  Yeah, not loving it.


I hate Dishcloths

Let me rephrase that…  I hate knitting dishcloths.  I do not know why.  They are small and fast, I shouldn’t have a problem with them, but I do.  They are boring.  I do not like the feel of cotton while knitting with it.  I do however, love having lots of these cloths.  So what is my problem???  Meh.

These are for my Aunt Gladys.  Her favorite color is yellow.  Yeah, my least liked color.  Hahaha.

What I’m working on…


Been working on this alpaca scarf for what feels like forever.  It is a gift for my best friend Joshua.  He wants it to be super long.  So far it is over six feet long and counting.  I’m pretty damn tired of working on it.  Going to go visit him soon, so I am going to wait to bind off until I am at his house.

A can cozy??? What?? What?


Yeah, I knit a can cozy.  Did I happen to have a beer available to photograph it with?  Nope, the only can in the house was V8.  Hahaha!  Yeah, I’m a “Knotty” knitter.  Hahaha!  This has to be the easiest knit on the planet.  I’d make more, but I really don’t see myself using them.  Maybe I could make them for someone else.  Don’t know.  I think Cathy said she would like a green one.  I may or may not knit one for her.  Just don’t like knitting with cotton.